An XC / Enduro trail for real lovers, fun and challenging, which needs a good training.

From Tognola Gondola arrive station 2200 mt, run through the unpaved road to Malga Tognola 1988 mt. From here to the Valsorda forest house the path is new with bridges, wooden walkway for a funny endure experience. From the forest house ride up to Malga Valsorda and then take the path to Forcella Valsorda 2094 mt (path n. 390). This part is difficult, because you have to take your bike by hand up to the Forcella Valsorda.

From here you can choose between 2 options:

1)      Take the path n. 344 direction Zortea 1030 mt, then take a taxi or ride up to the Calaita Lake 1621 mt, then to San Martino di Castrozza;

2)      Take the path n. 390, then the n. 347 to Forcella Folga 2172 mt, Malga Grugola 1850 mt, Lago di Calaita 1621 mt. From here it is possible to take the unpaved road back to San Martino di Castrozza (regular).

This is a difficult tour and we suggest you to take a full day and Energy with you.

An epic trail, for real lovers.

Single Tognola cable car tickets and return by taxi from Zortea or Fiera di Primiero available.

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