new Enduro trail, newly restyled in autumn 2013, that from Alp Tognola goes down towards Caoria and Vanoy valley, bending across the fields of Scandola and the ‘masi’ of Tognola.

From Tognola Gondola arrive station 2200 mt, run through the unpaved road to Malga Tognola 1988 mt. From here to the Valsorda forest house the path is new with bridges, wooden walkway for a funny endure experience. From the forest house, continue direction Caoria running on the unpaved road.
From Caoria 860 mt, there are 3 possibilities:
1) You can ride direction Canal San Bovo 717 mt, then ride up to Calaita Lake 1621 mt (steep road), from there continue direction San Martino di Castrozza 1467 mt riding through the unpaved road;
2) Ride direction Canal San Bovo 717 mt, take the road to Passo Gobbera 989 mt and from there take the Via Nova path direction Fiera di Primiero 717 mt. From Primiero you can take the bus or taxi to San Martino di Castrozza, or it is possible to ride up to Pezze Alte 990 mt where departures the unpaved road to San Martino di Castrozza, passing through Dismoni 1200 and Malga Crel;
3) Public transport (please verify the Trentino Trasporti timetable) or call a taxi (please see details here).
Riding time: more or less half day.


From there it continues for the last part on a forest road to the village of Caoria. Single Tognola cable car tickets and return by taxi from Caoria or Fiera di Primiero are available. During July and August, every Thursday a guided outdoor tour with local cycle – tourist guides is organised.

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