Tognola DH UNO

Built in 2013, Tognola DH Uno is the first trail specifically dedicated to downhill bikers across fields and woods of Tognola Alp, from Rifugio Tognola towards San Martino di Castrozza. Served by Tognola cable car for a quick lift and an easy bike transportation, the leader trail of the Bike Park San Martino Bike Arena is provided with structures and passages, parabolic curves and jumps to allow riders to jump and express their proficiency in front of the breathtaking Dolomitic Pale of the San Martino group.

In proximity of the most difficult passages, there are always easier options available (Chickern Line), signalled in order to make the trail easily accessible also by less-skilled riders. During the downhill run, it is possible to go off the trail and continue on the Forest Road to the cable car departure station Tognola. This part is the DH TRE, built during the Summer 2014.

Variante DH TRE

This is the easiest final part of the Tognola DH UNO. This track is gentle and flat and follows the natural line of the forest. Very funny are the humps in the first part of the track and then the more technical serpentines where we organize the contest 30×30, every August. You will arrive back to the departure station of the Tognola cable car.

Tognola DH DUE

The DH DUE is the second part of the San Martino Bike Arena Bike Park, opened during summer 2015. Steeper and more difficult of the Variante DH TRE, this track brings you back to the valley station of the cable car, direction Malga Crel and Tognola Uno walls. This part of the Park has 7 structures and a bridge that cross the road in the final part.

San Martino Bike Arena Bike Park has in total 10 km of tracks with 700 mt of difference in level. Nearby the difficult parts, there are easier versions (chickern line) marked with specific signs: beginners can try our Bike Park too! During the downhill, it is possible to exit and come back to San Martino riding the normal forest road.


The lifting time with Tognola cable car is approximately 16 minutes. Inside each cabin there is room for 2 or 3 bikes. Daily tickets, 4hours tickets and single tickets are available.

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